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 WhoDunnit Hoedown – A Murder Mystery Dinner Show

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Join us for one of the most exciting Branson dinner shows! The biggest Wing Ding in these parts takes a hilariously dark turn when legendary Fiddler Squeeky Bowman meets his mysterious demise. This fun family evening combines a delicious dinner with a mystery that will have you laughing and guessing. Who knows…you might figure out Who Dun It!

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The Great American Chuckwagon Dinner Show

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Experience an authentic Branson dinner and show with our Great American Chuckwagon Dinner Show. Enjoy classic cowboy songs, duel fiddles, gun twirling, and hilarious skits. It’s a unique addition to the shows in Branson, promising an unforgettable evening of entertainment and a hearty cowboy meal starting at 5 PM sharp! 

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Million Dollar Quartet Branson Shepherd

Million Dollar Quartet Dinner Show

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THE BOYS ARE BACK IN BRANSON! The fan-favorite Rock’n‘ Roll show, a highlight among Branson dinner shows, is backat the Playhouse Dinner Theater at Shepherd of the Hills. This smash hit, based on the Tony award winning production, takes you back to 1956 in the Sun Records Studios when Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis came together for the greatest jam session in music history.

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Outdoor Drama – The Shepherd of the Hills

May 7 – Oct 28

Discover the action-packed Shepherd of the Hills outdoor drama, a live reenactment of Harold Bell Wright’s famous novel. Published in 1907, this beautiful story tells of life in the rugged Ozark Mountains of Missouri in the late 1800’s. This show is a staple for fun family things to do in Branson MO, with 90 actors and actresses, horses, sheep, mules and donkeys perform on a stage the size of a football field.  There’s a shoot-out, the actual burning of a log cabin, a love story, a mystery and a moral message that is as true today as it was over a century ago.

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Wild West Murder Mystery Outdoor Show

Jun 2 – Aug 14 

All-new this season at the Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor theater; the Thrill and adventure of a genuine, old fashioned, Wild West show, interrupted by the hijinx of a comedy murder mystery, rolled together into an evening of unforgettable family fun! It’s one of the unique Branson shows offering thrills, adventure, and a cherishing evening under the stars! Come see the ALL-NEW Wild West Murder Mystery Show …Who knows, you might be the guilty varmint!

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A Christmas Story Dinner Show


November 2 – December 26

Celebrate the holidays with our Shepherd of the Hills dinner shows. The family Christmas classic, A Christmas Story, is now performing at our Playhouse Dinner Theatre. Enjoy a Christmas meal while watching the hilarious family-favorite, A Christmas Story.  

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GoldWing Express Morning Show


Fall Weekdays
Kick off your mornings with bluegrass, country, and gospel music entertainment in the Playhouse Theater! It’s the perfect start to your day and a brilliant addition to shows in Branson.

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A Shepherd’s Christmas Carol Dinner Show


November 4 – December 25
The Holiday season brings to mind the importance of preserving history and time-honored family traditions. No one understands that more than the Shepherd of the Hills. Here, at Shepherd of the Hills, we are proud to bring you our production A Shepherd’s Christmas Carol. It’s a perfect addition to your Branson show experience, blending the spirit of Christmas with the charm of Shepherd of the Hills.

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the old trail christmas

An Old Trail Christmas Chuckwagon Show


Starting November 1
It’s a real Cowboy Christmas at An Old Trail Christmas Chuckwagon Dinner Show! This isn’t just any dinner show – it’s an authentic cowboy chuckwagon Christmas dinner experience. Immerse yourself in an evening with classic cowboy songs, duel fiddles, gun twirlin’, and a side-splitting comedy show. 

Funny Farm Dinner Feud

March 3 – December 31

Come out to the Funny Farm where two families are always a feudin…and they could use your help! Fussin over the property line…feudin over a prized Hog…fightin over a secret recipe…probably gonna be a Shotgun Weddin too! One thing for sure, they are gonna feed you a delicious, homecooked meal and make you one of the family. So, scoot on over to the Funny Farm for a barnyard of laughs and acres of family fun!

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