Live Shows

WhoDunnit Hoedown – A Christmas Mystery

November 2 – December 31
Uncle Penn is throwing a surprise Christmas party for Aunt Belle, and he’s hired the Greatest Fiddle Player alive, Squeaky Bowman to play at the Hoedown. Come enjoy a Christmas feast while you learn that Squeaky has met a hilarious demise and its up to you to figure out WhoDunnit!

A Shepherd’s Christmas Carol Dinner Show


November 2 – December 25
The Holiday season brings to mind the importance of preserving history and time-honored family traditions. No one understands that more than the Shepherd of the Hills. Here, at Shepherd of the Hills, we are proud to bring you our production A Shepherd’s Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Story Dinner Show


November 1 – December 26

The family Christmas classic, A Christmas Story, is now performing at our Playhouse Dinner Theatre. Enjoy a Christmas meal while watching the hilarious family-favorite, A Christmas Story.  

The Great American Chuckwagon Dinner Show

April 20 – December 30

It’s a real Cowboy Christmas at The Great American Chuckwagon Dinner Show! The Dinner Bell ringin’ means it’s time for your Christmas Feast made in our authentic Chuckwagon. 

The Old Trail Wranglers will take the stage and put their own brand on familiar Cowboy Christmas Songs, made famous by the likes of Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and The Sons of the Pioneers. It’s a seasonal Round-up of Cowboy Croonin’, Twin Fiddlin’, and Yuletide Yodelin’ mixed with Hilarious Holiday Comedy and Cowboy Poetry with modern cowboy favorites. 

Three men inspect dead man on horseback

Outdoor Drama – The Shepherd of the Hills

May 10 – Oct 22

The Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama is the action-packed live reenactment of the famous historical novel by Christian minister, Harold Bell Wright.  Published in 1907, this beautiful story tells of life in the rugged Ozark Mountains of Missouri in the late 1800’s. Over 90 actors and actresses, horses, sheep, mules and donkey’s perform on a stage the size of a football field.  There’s a shoot-out, the actual burning of a log cabin, a love story, a mystery and a moral message that is as true today as it was over a century ago.

Funny Farm Dinner Feud

March 12 – December 31

Come out to the Funny Farm where two families are always a feudin…and they could use your help! Fussin over the property line…feudin over a prized Hog…fightin over a secret recipe…probably gonna be a Shotgun Weddin too! One thing for sure, they are gonna feed you a delicious, homecooked meal and make you one of the family. So, scoot on over to the Funny Farm for a barnyard of laughs and acres of family fun!

 WhoDunnit Hoedown – A Murder Mystery Dinner Show

March 5 – January 1

The biggest Wing Ding in these parts takes a hilariously dark turn, when legendary Fiddler Squeeky Bowman meets his mysterious demise, and the list of suspects is longer than a mules tail! Come have a delicious dinner and lots of laughs, and who knows…you might figure out Who Dun It! 

The Newborn King (Outdoor Theatre)

November 12 – December 26 

From the ones who brought you the 1st story of the Ozarks, we proudly present the 1st story of Christmas in our Legendary Outdoor Theatre. Real-live donkeys, sheep, and horses join us in telling the story of the true meaning of Christmas. Come celebrate and experience The Newborn King.

The Santa Claus Caper

November 20 – December 19

Santa Claus is coming to town…or is he?! It’s a whacky Caper to kidnap Santa and cancel Christmas! But never fear, the Elves and a Posse of “Volunteers”, save the day and foil the plans of a couple of bumbling Villians…and you’ll never guess who the bad guys are!