Shepherd's Wild West Murder Mystery

Outdoor Show

The all-new Wild West Murder Mystery Show at the The Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Theater!

The wild west is coming to the Shepherd of the Hills, and there’s a mystery to be solved too! All-new this season at the Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor theater; the Thrill and adventure of a genuine, old fashioned, Wild West show, interrupted by the hijinx of a comedy murder mystery, rolled together into an evening of unforgettable family fun!

Horses thunder across a stage as big as all outdoors as the Old West comes to life, then, collides with the here and now as a mystery unfolds in a most hilarious way! You might be sitting right next to a suspect…you might be sitting right next to the murderer! This is how the west was wild! Come see the ALL-NEW Wild West Murder Mystery Show …Who knows, you might be the guilty varmint!

Shepherd's Wild West Ticket Price
VIP AdultVIP Child
Plus tax | Child is ages 4 - 12 | VIP is First 4 Rows

✓ Free cancellation up to 48-hours in advance

Great show for the WHOLE family!

Ticket pick-up is located at main ticket office. Must have a hard printed ticket (no e-tickets or print-at-home). Please arrive early to make your way down to the Theater. Check out our FAQ page for more questions. Does not include dinner. 

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