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The Shepherd of the Hills was the beginning of the Branson phenomena. People began pouring into this area to meet the characters and see the beautiful landscape Wright has so vividly described. Now you have an opportunity to visit the farm where the book was actually written! Enjoy a ride in an open-air Jeep-drawn tram through the wooded 160-acre farm with our Ozark Native tour guide. The Historic Uncle Ike’s Post Office will be a stop on the tour, as it is now restored on our property. 

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Old Matt’s Cabin

Did you know that you can tour the actual original home of the main characters in Harold Bell Wright’s book, The Shepherd of the Hills? Your tour guide will take you to the beautiful Old Matt’s Cabin, which stands in its original location, and is on the National Historic Registry.

In 1896, a young Christian minister by the name of Harold Bell Wright came to these Ozark Mountains for his heath. While staying here, Wright fell in love with the area and the rugged spirit of the Ozark pioneers. In 1907, he published The Shepherd of the Hills, a novel about the trials and tribulations of these people. The book was so popular it was translated into seven languages and was the first American novel to sell a million copies worldwide.

Inspiration Point

It’s not hard to understand why Harold Bell Wright decided to camp atop what is now known as Inspiration Point and is the second highest point in Southwest Missouri. Inspiration Point has a gorgeous view that extends all the way to the Boston Mountains in Northwest Arkansas on a clear day. It was here that Harold Bell Wright penned his notes for what would become the 2nd most widely read book in publishing history. Experience the breathtaking views from the hillside where he camped and drew the inspiration for The Shepherd of the Hills.

The Morgan Community Church

This beautiful church was saved from demolition and moved to Inspiration Point in 1991. It is quaint and simple, very similar to the churches that Harold Bell Wright ministered in as he traveled across southern Missouri.

The Legendary Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Theater Set

As the tour leaves Inspiration Point, you’ll travel down the mountainside to the site of Old Matt’s grist mill. The Old Mill Theatre was built into this wooded setting over 50 years ago. You’ll be able to step on the stage of the popular Branson show for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the nightly performance.

A one-of-a-kind historically immersive experience you can only get at the Shepherd of the Hills farm tours!


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Calendar Below for Times & Dates. Tours run through April 18 – October 26.  Tickets are available in our box office.

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