Welcome to the first, and maybe the last, feudin Hillbilly family talent contest! You know, folks have been comin to these hills for years, just to sample our style of Ozark hills entertainment…why we got sangin, and dancin’ and funny stories, sure to put a smile on yer face!  For years now, there’s been a well known feud goin on twixt 2 familys round these parts. You’ll meet the Stewarts and the Gibbs, two clans that have been clashing for generations. Today, they have decided to put down the 12 gauge and pick up the mikerfone to settle once and for all, with Pure Hillbilly Talent,  who’s the heap best family in these hills! 

After the singing contest, Cindy Loo Stewart and Leroy Gibbs are caught kissing! At the suggestion of the Reverand, the families decide to settle the feud once and for all – with some hillbilly games. Audience members will be selected to play alongside the two families in a whacky and hilarious time. The rest of the audience will be hootin’ and hollerin’ as the two families use a test of hilarious Hillbilly skills to settle the feud!

You’uns will enjoy a homecooked meal while cheering on the families for the Hillbilly Talent contest! So get yer Hillbilly on and come on out to The Funny Farm for a barnyard of laughs and acres of family fun!

Thinking about coming out? Things to know about the Funny Farm Dinner Feud:

  • Interactive “Variety” Show 
  • Highly recommended for families with children
  • Audience participation
  • Hillbilly humor & slapstick jokes
  • Clean comedy


Funny Farm Dinner Feud
AdultChild (4-16)

Or call Box Office: 417-334-4191

✓ Free cancellation up to 48-hours in advance

Ticket pick-up is located in Aunt Mollie’s. Must have a hard printed ticket (no e-tickets or print-at-home). Dinner is served during the pre-show. Doors open 15 minutes before showtime. Check out our FAQ page for more questions.  Catered by Stuffed and Pressed. 

Smoked BBQ Rib
& Grilled Chicken Breast 
Green Beans
Confetti Cake
Dinner Roll
Choice of Beverage