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Open for Family Fun!

Thursday-Saturday 10AM-10PM & Sunday-Monday 10AM-5PM & Tuesday-Wednesday 10AM-6PM

The newest, fastest, most scenic, and longest downhill family-fun thrill ride!

Branson’s longest downhill Mountain Coaster snakes through riveting loops, drops and curves in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Plus, the newest & latest advanced safety technology on any mountain coaster! Opened in May 2021.

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Single Driver $16.95 (54″ tall) | Single Passenger $10.95 (38+” tall AND 3+ years) | Each Re-Ride $10.95 | Plus Tax

✓ Free cancellation up to 48-hours in advance

Please note: All riders must sign waiver first and then check-in at ticket booth to receive a paper ticket, whether tickets are purchased in advance or at the door. 

Unlimited Day Coaster Pass for $39.95!

Unlimited rides on the coaster, ropes course, Inspiration Tower, and Farm from 10am-6pm. Best value and only offer for unlimited coaster rides! Check out our operating schedule or buy tickets below. (Must park at main/east entrance by Aunt Mollie’s and Restaurant area.)

Steps to Ride

  • Fill out waiver for ALL riders
  • Purchase tickets online or at gate
  • Check-in at the ticket window to receive a paper ticket (you must have our physical paper ticket to ride the coaster) 
  • Hop in the rider line!

Located at Shepherd’s Adventure Park (the iconic Inspiration Tower)

6021 W. 76 Country Blvd, Branson MO 65616

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    Longest Downhill Ride

    Our downhill ride is over 3,350ft long! This is the longest downhill ride in Branson. The uphill is 1,450 ft making the total coaster nearly a mile long!

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    Ride Day or Night

    Check our hours when were open at night. The course at night is illuminated with thousands of LED lights for extreme fun!

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    Advanced Safety Braking System

    Our Mountain Coaster meets the highest safety and technical standards, built by Wiegand.

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Ride Requirements

  • Riders must be 3 years old AND 38″ tall to ride
  • Riders 3-9 must ride with someone 16 years or older
  • Riders Must be 54″ tall to Operate the Cart as a Single Driver
  • Max Weight for the Cart is 375lbs in Dry Conditions and 330lbs in Wet Conditions
  • Alpine Coaster Operates in The Rain, Snow, and Sunshine

Attraction Safety 

  • Children under the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by a legal guardian.  
  • Must be able to understand and demonstrate knowledge of all safety rules and the course environment to experience the attraction. 
  • Participating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.
  • Maximum weight is 375lbs total for cart.
  • Must be at least 3 years old to participate and 38 inches tall. 
  • Driver is responsible for controlling speed, distance between other sleds and stopping at the finish.
  • Ensure that shoes are secure. No flip-flops or open heel shoes. Make sure shoelaces are tied.
  • Pockets must be empty. No loose objects such as cell phones or cameras. Eyeglasses should be secure. Operators are not responsible for lost or misplaced personal items.
  • No gum, food or drinks allowed on attraction. 
  • Follow all operator instructions, posted rule signs and stickers.
  • If you have a heart condition, back or neck injuries, if you are pregnant, or if you have any condition that prevents you from following all safety rules and guidelines, you must not ride the mountain coaster. 
  • By purchasing a ticket, you accept the conditions of use, and you ride at your own risk. All claims for compensation are excluded. 
  • If you have any questions in regards to the operation of this ride or your ability to participate safely, please contact the ride operator before riding. If you have any doubt, no matter how slight, DO NOT ride. 
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