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Vigilante Extreme Ziprider®

Vigilante Extreme ZipRider®

Missouri’s Highest and Fastest Zipline Adventure!

Zipline in Branson, MO: Vigilante Extreme Ziprider®

What makes the Vigilante Extreme ZipRider different from every other zipline?

  • Launch from 140′ in the air!!
  • Reach speeds of up to 50 MPH!!
  • Over half a mile long!
  • 4 riders ride at a time on seated zipline
  • No harness fitting – just sit down in the seat
  • Inspiration Tower included at no charge!
Are you brave enough for the adventure of your life? Come “fly” from the highest point in Missouri at up to 55 mph and see why we call our zip line style thrill ride “The Vigilante! Voted #1 Aerial Adventure Park in America 2019, 2020, 2022 by USA Today. 

Ticket Pricing

Vigilante Riders Pricing
Plus tax, per person.
Riders MUST be between 75 and 275lbs. Sorry, no exceptions.
Reservations are HIGHLY recommended. ✓ Free cancellation up to 48-hours in advance.
Weather/wind dependent, temperature must be over 50 degrees in fall/winter season.

Or call (417) 334-4191

Open – View Time Slots Above. Time slots are every 10 minutes. 

Reservation times are approximate – dependent on weather and amount of guests.*  Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer ride photos. 

The Vigilante Extreme Ziprider® is sure to make your Branson, MO, vacation memorable! Simply take your seat, remove any any loose objects, sit back, and experience the Vigilante. From the highest point in Missouri to your landing point 1/2 mile away, you’ll see the Ozarks from a breath-taking sky-high view.

Coasting along at speeds of up to 50 mph, it is an experience that your family is sure to remember for years to come.

The Branson attraction is extreme, but it’s easy and safe, and fun for all ages! There are no controls for you to worry about, we include an automatic braking system, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

About the Experience: 

The Vigilante launches from the open-air deck at Inspiration Tower. Tickets can be purchased at the base of the Tower or online, then riders hop on the glass elevators to the enclosed observation deck. When they call you for your ride, you’ll travel down a short staircase to the open-air deck. There, ride attendants will go over the instructions with you, make sure you are comfortably seated and safely buckled in, and then….you’re off! At the landing pad a jeep-drawn tram will pick you up and take you back to Inspiration Tower, so it’s really two rides in one!

*Due to the high demand of this ride, we have implemented a reservation based system to try to minimize the wait time of our guests. These wait times are approximate and are not by any means the guaranteed time of the ride. The ride times are impacted by weather and safety measures.  Due to the nature of this “extreme“ ride, safety is our utmost concern, and decisions must be made at various times, throughout the day as conditions change, which may impact your ability to ride.*

Attraction Rules

  • Children under the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.  
  • Must be able to understand and demonstrate knowledge of all safety rules to experience the attraction. 
  • Participating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.
  • Riders must be between 75lbs and 275lbs. 
  • Riders must be between 52” and 80” in height. 
  • Must safely fit in the harness.
  • Ensure that shoes are secure. No flip-flops or open heel shoes. Make sure shoelaces are tied.
  • Operators are not responsible for lost or misplaced personal items.
  • No gum, food or drinks allowed on attraction. 
  • Follow all operator instructions, posted rule signs and stickers.
  • Since this is an adventure sport activity, we do not recommend those to ride with high blood pressure, heart, back, or neck problems, motion sickness, recent surgery, medical sensitivity to quick stopping motions, extreme fear of heights, epilepsy, history of panic attacks or other conditions which could be aggravated by this adventure. 
  • Expectant mothers should not ride. 
  • Shepherd of the Hills reserves the right to remove visitors on their park who wear clothing that could create a distraction. Inappropriate or Offensive clothing includes: Clothing displaying offensive messages/language, clothing made with offensive material, (ie transparent), clothing that is excessively torn,  clothing which exposes inappropriate portions of the body such as string bikini tops, bikini bottoms, etc. All guests are required to wear shirts and shoes at all times.
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