Book your excursion now!  We have two different adventures to choose from.  For the “get your feet wet types” you can start off with a 1 hour excursion that includes some time for instruction and learning how to operate the ATV/UTV’s on pavement before heading off-road into the Shepherd of the Hills trails for approximately 30 minutes of backwoods adventures.

Driver – $79.95

First Passenger – $39.95

Second Passenger – $19.95

Third Passenger – $9.95

That’s right, for less than $150, you can take your family off-roading in some of the most technologically advanced UTV’s the world has known with the CanAm Commander’s and CanAm Maverick’s.


One hour not enough? Step it up to the 1 1/2 hour excursion with one hour of deep off-roading that’ll make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

This adventure is priced as follows:

Driver – $99.95

First Passenger – $59.95

Second Passenger – $29.95

Third Passenger – $19.95

Call 417-334-4191 to book your ride today!

Trail rides are a guided adventure through our property, led by Shepherd of the Hills staff.

Must be 21 years old to drive.

Weight limits vary and your own car seats are required based on Missouri State limits. Child must be in a booster seat if they are ages 4 through 7 and weigh at least 40 pounds, unless they are 80 pounds or 4’9” tall. Children less than 4 years old or less than 40 pounds must be in an appropriate child safety seat.

All participants must wear safety helmets and use safety restraints at all times.  Anyone caught endangering themselves or others with horseplay will be removed and forfeit all fees paid.